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Electronic Cigarette Reviews


Premium Vaporizer Reviews

The Premium Electronic Cigarette is clearly a standout among its competitors when it comes to product selection!  When I decided to give electronic cigarettes a try I wanted to find something that would feel and taste the same as what I was used to with my regular brand of tobacco cigarettes.  I found that and much more with Premium!

When you first get started with a Premium you will notice that the first draw feels a little empty – don’t give up though!  After the first few puffs you will never know that what you are “smoking” is actually nicotine and water vapor.  You may want to stick with the traditional menthol or regular tobacco flavor as a substitute for your traditional cigarette. 

If you are interested in trying something new, then Premium Electronic Cigarettes takes top honor in the variety of flavors available.  There are nineteen different flavors (Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Red Energy, Apple, Pear, Cola, Caramel, and Irish Cream) and Premium offers a variety pack that allows you to choose five different flavors to try for one low price.

Another standout feature of Premium Electronic Cigarettes is the color and custom-designed battery option.  These are the models that you have probably seen in magazines and on reality TV shows.  There are literally dozens of colors and designs to choose from.  You can switch your electronic cigarette to match your mood or even choose a seasonal design for an event.  I chose to order my college colors to use at my next tailgate!

The battery life is pretty standard as far as electronic cigarettes go, averaging 10 hours per battery before a recharge is needed.  The refill cartridge needed to be replaced sooner than I expected, but it was consistent with the manufacturers’ description of being equivalent to about 12 cigarettes or 250 puffs.  With that in mind the Premium Electronic Cigarettes are a killer deal costing at least 50% less for a refill than for the same quantity of traditional cigarettes. 

There is a wide-variety of products available in the Premium line.   One of my favorites was the one-time use that allows you to give the electronic cigarette a try before deciding which starter kit is right for you.   The Premium Starter Kit provides everything you need for the complete experience including two standard rechargeable batteries, 6 cartridges (choice of flavor), USB charger and adapter and Users’ Manual.  Premium also offers a Custom Starter Kit that includes gives you the same products with the added bonus of being able to choose custom colors and designs for your two batteries. 

Obviously, the biggest advantages to electronic cigarettes are the elimination of second-hand smoke and the avoidance of bombarding your body with the toxins that come along with tobacco.  Secondarily, you have the freedom to smoke without smelling like an ashtray.  Premium is able to provide those advantages while adding the ability to customize your look!

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Product Details

Starter Kits start at: $54.95 - $109.95 Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
One Cartridge equates to: 250 Puffs LED Color: Red
Warranty: 90 day replacement policy on all electronic product Free Shipping: Yes, USA Only

Product Media

Premium Electronic Cigarette Start Kits

Premium Starter Kit PR110
  • Number of Batteries: 2
  • Number of Atomized with built-in Cartridges: 6
  • Charger: USB charger and AC adapter
  • Users Manual Included
  • Electronic cigarette length [with refill cartridge]: 3.9in or 100mm (Slightly Larger than traditional Cigarette)

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Premium Premium USB Case with Built-in Battery
  • Need power on the go? Each Premium USB power case has a built-in battery. Charge your USB case battery and you will have enough power to fully recharge up to 6 Premium electronic cigarette batteries while on the road. Premium USB power cases fit one PR110 or PR111 battery and 2 refill cartridges. It can plug into any USB device and re-charge your electronic cigarette battery. Available in 4 colors as Premium Cases above.
  • Please note: The USB Case does not include an electronic cigarette battery or refill cartridges, and is just the USB charging carrying case. If you're interested in purchasing the On-The-Go Starter Kit, visit here to purchase.

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The quality of batteries for epremium cigarette is very poor. They last about two to three month then get ready to buy another one. I purchased one that did not work out of the package. I call epremium customer service and was told that before they would accept a return for another battery I would have to get a small object and place object at the end of battery and pry up on end because of bad threads. I inform the customer connect person that I had purchased one the month before that had quit working and when I call...

Submitted By: Warren   On: 04/20/2012

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