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I am NOT associated with the product or company. In fact, haven't even received them yet so will not be discussing the performance. Just my extensive research trying to find a good and sustainable source for ecigs from an engineering perspective (what I am). I rated value, cost and battery based on research and gave the other ratings neutral values, which the actual product may exceed.

*Formulated in US. No offense, but I don't trust China for things to be eaten or inhaled.
*280mAh standard batteries, twice some 'standards'. Choice of auto or manual.
*Fewest negative reviews. Also, fewest "shill" reviews. You know, the ones that look like they were all written by the same person.
*Free shipping (within US) on orders >$30. Almost NOBODY offers this, and many GOUGE on shipping.
*Ejuice: 60/40 PG/VG, ideal. Range of flavors. Starter kits compatible with empty 'misers. "Buy 20ml, get 10ml free."
*If we round-down their claim of 1.5 analog pack equivalence to 1, and use the refillables and ejuice, the cost is below half that of offbrand analogs in a midrange-tax state (Texas) and below 1/3rd in a high-tax state like NY. For comparison, the (US) offbrands are $20 below the nationals (in TX, varies by state).

I have an entire handwritten page of math to back this up, based on:
*TX price plus tax of carton US offbrand analogs.
*Working price of Apollo fillable atomizers and ejuice at the 30ml quantity.
*Pack-equivalence, downrating Apollo's claim of 1.5 packs to 1.
You can do the same math yourself to confirm.

Not evaluating taste, hit, vapor. Haven't received them and it's subjective anyway. Just the practical value, assuming the taste/hit/vapor are satisfactory. I hope they are, because I need the 50% savings over the cheapest analogs, the no stink/stain/carbon monoxide/carcinogen of electronics, and a reliable US vendor.

Submitted By: arbilab   On: 03/08/2013

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